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"Immediately, we were able to see how price compares at total cost, and quickly make some calculations without having to physically sift through papers. It was so easy - a breath of fresh air" (Extract from Case Study)

- Chris Kechagias, Procurement Specialist

eRFX on screen

An online tender and quotation system for buyers to request information and price quotations. Suppliers respond online and the data collected forms a comprehensive database of information for efficient current and future supplier evaluation.

The ARCUS eRFX solution provides your organisation with a fully featured instant e-procurement solution. As a securely hosted service, the ARCUS eRFX system requires no internal implementation - just a web browser and access to the internet.

"Our internal stakeholders were very happy, especially with the easy scoring. They definitely had a more positive experience, which resulted in a friendlier relationship with us and helped to change their perception of tendering"(Extract from Case Study)

- Matthew Fitzgerald, Category Manager, ANZ

Available in packages for output rates of 10 to 10,000 eRFX publications per year, you will receive a secure, branded eRFX web site and full training and support.

Significant Time Saving and Reduced Sourcing Cycle Times

  • e-RFx templates and re-use of questions and clauses
  • Instant e-RFx distribution
  • Instant update distribution
  • Instant response collation and side by side response evaluation
  • Auto-scoring to significantly reduce evaluation time
  • Easier and faster for suppliers - Tick the boxes and Cut & Paste

Improved Collaboration

  • One, central point for all RFX documentation
  • Simultaneously accessible by stakeholders, procurement team members and suppliers (when live)
  • Multiple simultaneous contributors
  • Live monitoring of supplier response progress

Improved Business Practices and Efficiency

  • Automatic central RFX management and storage system
  • Web based systems - no internal IT overhead
  • Inbuilt access security
  • Inbuilt security against loss of data
  • Improved procurement policy compliance
  • Improved accuracy of RFX specifications and supplier responses
  • Improved stakeholder confidence and participation
eRFX saves trees and reduces CO2 emmissions

Environmental Considerations

  • An average sized paper tender uses 10kgs (3.5 reams) of paper (includes responses and wastage)
  • 100 paper tenders consume 1 tonne of paper
  • It takes 26 trees to make 1 tonne of office paper
  • Manufacturing, transport and destruction of 1 tonne of paper produces 3000kgs of CO2 emissions
  • It takes 1 tree to produce 15 reams (3 boxes) of paper
  • Every 4 paper tenders = 1 tree and 120kg of CO2
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